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Posted On : Fri/2022/07

Surfing in Dubai is indeed special! If you’re still not aware of it, read up on the reasons why Dubai offers a great surfing experience.

Now we go to the next essential part – knowing when to surf in Dubai!

Summer may soon be over, but we are just entering the holy season for Dubai surfing!

The Surf in Dubai is seasonal from November to April with the best and most consistent swells during winter—the months of December, January, February, and March. During winter, water temperature remains between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius so you will surely get the most out of the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai receives predominately wind swells which offer choppy conditions, but when the wind drops off most of the time you get 2-4ft clean waves, and easy conditions for surfing in Dubai. While the weather is scorching and waves are flat from June to September, you can always head towards Fujairah and Oman for summer swells which can be around 3-6ft and 800 meters long (Oman).

But, if you’re itching to get on your board and can no longer wait for colder months to come, Wakesurfing and Surfskate will be your next best options.

Even though Dubai only offers seasonal swells, surfers in the city always find alternative sports to get their daily dose of adrenaline. Obviously, there’s no better sport for surfers than the activity that resembles surfing perfectly – wakesurfing and surfskate!

Surfers usually go for Wakesurfing in Dubai to enhance their surfing skills or even just to get a stunning rush of adrenaline to keep them fit. With wakesurfing being available and the water being stable the entire year, you can always pick any day to hop on your board and ride a boat’s wake at exhilarating speeds.

You can also try and relieve your rush craving with some surfskate action on the flat surfaces and roads of Dubai all year round. The Surfing Week offers thrice-a-week Surfskate sessions and accommodates no less than 30 guests per session to keep you companied.

The surfing scene in Dubai is maturing as it offers a variety of rain-or-shine surfing activities regardless if you want to surf the sea, land, or the wake behind a boat to make your moves more sophisticated.

Are you thrilled yet? We know you are!

The Surfing Week is offering the most comprehensive package to get you started. We offer custom-tailored programs that benefit all types of surfers in terms of their skill enhancement through surfing, surfskate, and wakesurfing, fitness training, recovery, and more. Should you want to be part of a well-loved community, you may get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, or visit our website at

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